Do’s & Don’ts for Interior Design Professionals


Prior to making a decision for the best of interior designer firms, its better enough to know more about the practical difference between interior design and interior decoration principles. Let this article help you a hand to understand the fundamental differences between interior design and decoration ideas as well with fundamental dos & don’t s for interior designer professionals. Home interior designer & decoration ideas are two related disciplines but are often different with terms of their applications.

Interior decoration refers to the procedure of decorating the house with regards to its finishes such as wallpaper or wall paintings, choice of furniture, fittings, lights, decorative ideas for the finishing touch in artistic worth. All these essentials provides best suited feel to your house but it never changes the underlying structure of the house with any approach.On the other hand, interior designing ideas refer to the procedure of changing the underlying structure of the house with latest innovative traditional or contemporary designs (as per the request of customers).

A Great Choice for my Game Room

I was looking for the perfect solution for my game room, which gets quite a bit of traffic between my family with three small children as well as the guests that I entertain. I had a strict budget to stay within, yet didn’t want to sacrifice the style or quality of the flooring in this popular room in my home. After plenty of research, carpet tile seemed to be the best choice for my home for a variety of reasons.

Many Styles

I was amazed at the number of styles of carpet tiles that were available. I had just as many choices in this type of carpeting as I would have had with rolls of carpet. There were many different colors, pile types and even adhesive types. This made it very easy to choose the right style for my home as well as choose one that I could handle installing on my own.

Easy Cleaning

One of the largest advantages that I have found with carpet tiles is the ease that the tiles can be cleaned. With three small children, I find myself cleaning the carpets in my home often. Unlike rolled carpet, the carpet tiles can be removed one by one, allowing me to have a much easier time cleaning the affected area. On several occasions I have removed a tile and cleaned it thoroughly, replacing it once it was dry. If there is ever too much damage, the tile can also simply be replaced.

Greater Patterns

The look that I was trying to achieve in my game room was one that was very unique. I was having a very difficult time finding rolled carpet that could accommodate the pattern that I desired for my floor. After making the decision to look at carpet tiles, I found the exact, unique pattern that I desired. This made it very easy to get the look I wanted in our game room.

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Dealing With Houshold Pests

Bugs are no fun, especially when they are inside your home. They can show up at the most inconvenient times, and create embarrassment for the human occupants. Roaches hide in cracks and crevices, around drains, and in oven or anywhere else where it is dark and damp scavenging for remnants of food. There are many effective ways of ridding the home of these little varmints, but you should be careful when using any of them.

One easy method is to place a paste made with boric acid, sugar, milk and red onions in a shallow container within reach of the pesky critters. This could be just about anywhere in your home, but since boric acid is a deadly poison, it should be kept well out of reach of children. This treatment will work for 3 months or longer until the boric acid is depleted in the container. Then you may have to treat again for roaches and other bugs.

One thing that attracts roaches and other bugs is a dirty house. If you leave the kitchen sink and cabinets piled with dirty dishes, expect to be paid a visit by roaches. Pots and pans, as well as dishes should be cleaned immediately after use if you want to ward off an invasion. The same thing goes for cleaning up spills as soon as they happen, and unclogging drains that have become blocked. If you leave a food source for bugs they will come looking for it.

Since household pests contaminate every surface they come in contact with, it is best to keep out of the home. Mice and rats are particularly loathsome in the home, and one good way to keep them from entering is to block holes around drains and other places they can gain entry with steel wool. It chews up their gums trying to eat through and therefore they will not get in.

Maybe these tips will help you deal with some of the pests around your home.

Sealing Windows for Winter Energy Savings

Many of us do not have the kind of windows which seal out the air. Double hung windows are of course the best option that you could have to ensure that the heat savings takes place in the winter time, but what if you’re not blessed with state of the art windows and doors. What if you have issues with heat leaking out from beneath the doors and through windows which are not as new as they might be? Do you have options that are going to help you to prevent heat loss and keep your family warmer, while saving money for you during the winter months?

In order to ensure that your home stays as warm as it can and that you keep the energy costs lower, using plastic on the windows and weather stripping on the doors is imperative. Keeping the heat in and the draft out requires a little extra work, but the lower cost of energy will be well worth your trouble.

Weather stripping generally comes in several different varieties. The heaviest and the best for your purposes, if your doorway can sustain it is the felt variety. It tends to seal out the drafts when applied below the door or on the bottom of it to seal out those small drafts.

Plastic applied to the exterior of your windows will make a vast amount of difference when it comes to keeping the heat in. Using wooden frames created from thin strips of wood to which you staple the crystal clear plastic and then applying the frame over the window on the exterior of the home is a good way to protect against heat loss.

Window plastic is also available for the interior of the home. Today the plastic that you apply is as clear as the glass that it covers, meaning that your view is not obstructed.

While ultimately you will want to replace ill fitting windows and doors, you do have options until you do so.You can keep the home warmer and avoid heat loss, as well as lower your heating bills using inexpensive products which may be found in any home improvement store.