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Creating a Family Friendly Entertainment Room

family-room-carpetCreating an entertainment or “family” room is the perfect way to keep your living room from suffering the wear and tear of excessive traffic that it wasn’t meant to withstand. Traditionally a living room was for visiting and entertaining guests and other activities such as watching TV or playing games was done in the “family room”. While not everyone prefers to have a formal living room, for those who do, an entertainment room can be a lifesaver.

When decorating your family room you will of course want it to look appealing, but it should also be user friendly. In the past, that may have been difficult, but today there is a much larger range of choices when it comes to paint, wallpaper, and floor coverings. Floor and wall coverings are perhaps the most important aspect of decorating your entertainment room and one of the most important things about them (aside from aesthetic appeal) is that they can be easily cleaned.

Since this room is meant to be a haven where your family can go to relax, whether by watching your favorite movie or playing video games, the colors should be kept to soft tones rather than bright or vibrant hues (save those for accent colors). If you plan to use wallpaper, choose a style with muted or no pattern to avoid a “busy” look. Whether choosing paint or paper, a style that is washable is a must. Semi-gloss paints and vinyl wallpapers are both very easy to clean with nothing more than some household cleaner and a soft cloth and both of these types of wall coverings are available in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Carpeting should also be chosen not only for its looks, but also for its ability to retain those looks with a minimum amount of effort. Choose a carpet that is easy to clean and is very durable to withstand heavy foot traffic without looking worn and shabby. There are several kinds of carpeting that are manufactured specifically for high traffic areas and will withstand the wear and tear while still looking their best.

Having a room where your family can gather and relax is wonderful, but if you spend all your time worrying about spills or footprints on the carpeting, it won’t be very relaxing. Keep your family room simple, relaxing, and worry free with easy to clean paint and carpeting and it will be a room that the whole family can enjoy together.

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